30 Interesting Ways Businesses Are Using QR Codes

If you are confused about how to use QR Codes to market your business, this series of articles gives you 30 ideas on how other business owners are going about it. Remember that marketing is not just about making sales but communicating with your customers in a positive way.


  1. Transport companies like bus, taxi, tram and train companies can use QR Codes at their stations and other public areas that connect scanners to up to the minute information about the next available bus, taxi, tram or train.
  2. Businesses that use direct mail are adding QR codes to their direct mail pieces. Some companies are even personalizing the QR Code for each recipient so they land on a website page that has their personal details so that it looks like it was made just for them.
  3. Museums, art galleries, photographers and artists can use QR codes next to their art pieces so that art enthusiasts can get more information about that piece, make comments, see other art pieces related to it and even purchase the art online.
  4. Companies that run Local tourist and historical attractions can use QR Codes along tour routes to give tourists more in-depth information about a particular animal, relic, location etc.
  5. Real estate agents and developers are using QR Codes to let and sell commercial and residential properties by placing them on their signage. The codes connect renters and buyers to videos and more detailed information about a property.
  6. Tutoring schools can use QR Codes to get students to sign up to free lessons and courses that are delivered to their email by an auto-responder program.
  7. Food retailers can take advantage of QR Codes to provide food source and nutrition information about the food they are buying. This is especially useful for grocers who sell organic food since organic food consumers are very particular about where their food is sourced.
  8. Food manufacturers and processors can place codes on their food packages that link to text or video recipes online that can be tried out by purchasers.
  9. Very small business owners that receive very high traffic can rent advertising space at their stand or shop to other businesses that want to put of QR Codes. Think of newspaper sellers, hot dog stands, coffee stands etc.
  10. Vineyards and small brewers can utilize QR Codes to market their brands better, provide interesting info about the wine/beer type, details which retail locations it is available at and accept online orders.
  11. Clothing retailers are using codes on their merchandise similar to how normal clothing tags work. The advantage is if a brand wants to communicate its unique story or introduce the buyer to other clothes in its line, they can direct them to an online site with the codes.
  12. Businesses and business owners that attend a lot of trade shows and networking events can use QR Codes on their name tags, business cards, trade show booths, promotional material so that interested persons just need to swipe the codes to get full information about that business.
  13. Business can take advantage of public advertising space that may not be large enough for conventional ads, but are big enough for QR codes, such as supermarket trolleys, wrapping paper, bus seats, safety bars on trains, ski mountain chairs or amusement park rides etc.
  14. One stationary item that gets in the hand of so many customers is a business’ cash receipt, invoice or delivery note. By placing your QR Code on these stationary items you can have a much wider reach for free. Try and make the QR Code enticing such as a QR Code on a cash receipt would entitle the buyer to a discount on his next purchase.
  15. QR Codes are also being used to advertise business in elevators. This works well if a business services clients in a particular niche and the building has a large number of that niche market. For example, a pharmacy would do well to advertise in the elevators of an outpatient medical complex or hospital.
  16. Taxi companies that service the late night bar crowd can place their QR Codes inside bar and restaurant restrooms.
  17. If your business is ever involved in a community related activity such as an awareness campaign, a fundraising or a petition, QR Codes can be an easy way to get a lot of people to sign up by placing the codes across town and getting them to sign up online.
  18. Most people find filling in review and feedback forms tiring so having them scan a QR Code that enables them to review a business quickly online may result in more reviews for your business. Having them fill the reviews online on your Google Places listing or other review sites can improve your overall Search Engine Rankings.
  19. Businesses that have a big transport fleet like trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, taxis etc can monitor their drivers and staff better by placing giant QR codes at the back of these vehicles so that the general public can report bad driving.
  20. There are a lot of enterprising people who are now human billboards for local businesses. They can wear your QR Code on their T-shirts and walk around heavily populated areas of the town, and help people to scan the code that links to your offer.
  21. If you’ve ever lost customers because they arrived at your store after closing hours, then QR Codes placed in your storefront window can link them to your products online.
  22. Car dealerships can place codes on their vehicles that link late shoppers to a site with full info about the car on sale, while a bridal shop can link to their online bridal dress gallery. Another use is that people can use the QR Code to send you an email if they need to get a message to you.
  23. Movie theaters can promote new movies by placing QR Codes on the movie posters that link to a YouTube trailer about the movie. The same works for music concerts, stand up comedy, book signings etc
  24. Restaurants can use QR Codes to take advance orders for delivery or store pickup. The QR Code would link to their online ecommerce site or link to a live call operator who will take the order on the phone. Restaurants can also utilize their menus, napkins, coasters and delivery packaging to advertise even more.
  25. Businesses can help consumers find their way to their store location by linking the QR Code to a Google map. For example a late night restaurant targeting party goers can have a QR Code with the words “scan me to find pizza at 2 a.m.”
  26. Instead of having your customers cut out coupons out of their newspaper or magazine, why not have them scan a QR Code in the newspaper instead and save the coupon in their email?
  27. Run an educational institution and want to cut the cost of printing registration or application forms and avoid the manual sorting process? Have your students scan QR codes for different courses and events and sign up online.
  28. Travel agents can use QR Codes to help online ticket sales at airports. Many times people miss their flight or want to change travel plans so strategically placing QR Codes can help capture more clients who are already distressed and need an immediate solution.
  29. Cake decorators can market themselves to the large number of people who eat their confections at parties and weddings, by making edible QR Codes as part of their cake decoration. Just hope people scan it before they eat it!
  30. Realtors can put QR codes on lawn signs that will direct them to a site to see the property information. Alternatively, the QR code can send a SMS message about the property and at the same time send a text to the realtor as a lead with the prospects cell phone #

With a little creativity the possibilities are endless! Feel free to post and share other ideas about using QR codes.