Q. Is flashing and unlocking legal?

A. Our Flashing and Unlocking Training and Software is 100% legal to own and use.


Q. Does the software flash to Boost?

A. No –  Besides legalities involved with Boost it is very difficult and technical to flash to boost. We have a resource in the training package that is a legal guide to flash to boost however there is NO support for this feature.


Q. What phones and carriers does the software flash?

A. The flashing software will work for almost any CDMA Droid, Blackberry, iPhone 4 and windows phones and flash to Cricket, PagePlus,Us Cellular, Metro PCS, Mobi PCS, Revol, Ntelos & others. For a complete list of supported phones click here


Q. Do I have to be a phone dealer or have a business to use this program?

A. Absolutely not! Our clients include cell phone stores, electronic stores, repair stores and individuals. Our package is a complete flashing and unlocking business in a box. You can be flashing & Unlocking phones in less than 24 hrs from now.


Q.  I’m not very technical how difficult is it to use the software?

A. The software is extremely easy to use. We provide full training video and simple to follow manual. After your first few phones, you can be flashing phones in 5 min!


Q. How do I get my user name and password to use the software.

A. In your training package there are instructions on registering your software. When you register your phone flashing software you will choose your flashing license. Once you complete the registration you will receive your user name and password within about an hour (during business hours)


Q. What is the CDMA licensing fee?

A. The software requires a CDMA licensing fee . You have 2 options you can purchase 5 full flashes that can be used at any time and don’t expire or you can choose an unlimited package that allows you to flash an unlimited amount of phones for 30 days.


Q. Is there Tech Support?

A. Yes Tech support is available via phone 5 days a week and via email 7 days a week (excluding holidays).


Q. Do you have a Refund policy?

A. Beause our training is delivered digitally we can not accept refunds. We have sold our training package to hundreds of individuals and business. Should you have any issue that you cannot resolve on your own, we will make every effort to assist you to make sure you are up and running. The flashing software has its own support and development team that is available for assistance at no additional cost.


Q. Are software updates included?

A. Yes updates are included for life. The software is being continuously updated and new phones are being added regularly. The software automatically checks for updates every time you start the program.


Q. When I full flash a phone will the phone have talk text and data?

A. Yes If the phone is supported for full flash then you will get full use of the phone including talk text and data.


Q. I see the software flashes iPhone 4, can you flash 4s or 5?

A. At this time we can only flash the iphone 4.


Q. Do iPhones need to be Jailbroken first before they can be flashed?

A. Yes iPhone 4 must be jail broken before it can be flashed. We provide jailbreaking info in the training guide


Q. With the AT&T factory unlock service can the iPhone be used on any GSM network?

A. Yes once the iPhone is permanently factory unlocked you can use it on any GSM carrier