So… When is the last time you DIDN’T read your text message??

Almost all text messages are read within minutes of receiving them.  In fact, recent studies show that 97% of text messages are read within minutes of receiving them. So this is the perfect way to get your promotions across to your target market.

 SMS text message marketing allows you to communicate directly to your target market by sending a simple, quick text message. This permission-based program is perfect because your recipients have opted-in to receive your messages. It’s effective because they WANT to receive your promotions.

 Another great thing about SMS text message marketing is the deliver-ability of the message.

SMS text message marketing is also more time-efficient compared to traditional advertising methods.  Text messages have to be short due to character limitations, so putting together your marketing message takes just a few minutes instead of days and weeks to prepare.

 SMS text message marketing is also highly trackable. You have the advantage of monitoring and finding out what happens with each message you send out.  In other words, you can track down your campaigns to evaluate many metrics such as how many people viewed your message.

 Can you do that with any newspaper, TV, or radio ad? Nope.

 SMS text message marketing is also a great way to retain your customers at a very low cost. It’s the  perfect recipe for customer retention because you can reach out to them very easily. These are customers who have already spent money with you, so chances are, they will come back to spend more and more money with you as long as you keep in touch with them. 

 Business owners have many different marketing strategies available to them today. However, not all of them are as effective and profitable as a SMS text message marketing campaign. As long as everything is set-up well and you are taking good care of your list, your business can bring in a lot more money with the use of this amazingly effective technology.